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2013 gamecock commit Kelsey Griffin had other scholarship offers from Georgia, Auburn, Florida and Florida State.  (photo courtesy of

I’ve been an South Carolina football for many years.  I’ve actually witness the worst times of our football history when accumulating a 1-21 record in the 1998-1999 seasons.  Also in 2003 when Clemson obliterated our fellow gamecocks 63-17 in Williams-Brice Stadium.  To make things worst that loss was just one of seven wins for the tigers within a ten year span.  Even though we’ve seen South Carolina football reach new heights winning 31 total games over the past three seasons.  South Carolina’s putrid football history still haunts true gamecock fans because of one thing it never accomplished a CHAMPIONSHIP.  Oh I almost forgot about that 1969 ACC championship, but lets be real you can’t really brag about that too much.  Steve Spurrier has a coaching resume with eight, seven with the Florida Gators.  Six SEC titles plus one national title and respectfully won an ACC title with Duke.  The blueprint to build a championship team starts with having top notch facilities, superior coaching and landing top recruits consistently.  Steve Spurrier accepted the challenge of changing the culture of tolerating mediocrity within the football program.  The main reason Carolina could never beat the best teams because they didn’t believe they could.  The University’s Athletic Board of Directors for some reason didn’t hire a prominent coach that could seriously build a winning program until Spurrier in 2004.  Lou Holtz is definitely one of the best college football coaches of all-time, but winning consistently at South Carolina is a different animal.  Holtz did a respectful job after rebounding from an 0-11 1999 season going 17-7 in 2000 and 2001; He also won two Outback Bowls both against Ohio State.  Unfortunately Hotlz proceeded with only one winning season after which was a still mediocre 6-5.  Although before Spurrier’s arrival the University’s sports facilities we’re a joke compared to Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia.  If you want to recruit Alshon Jeffery and Jadeveon Clowney type players yearly you can’t advertise sub par football facilities.  Prep School/Junior College prospects want to workout in the best because they feel they’re the best.  Therefore Spurrier convinced to the Board of Directors that big money must be thrown into this program to start winning big games.  In result better coaching staffs were assembled, new facilities were built and upgraded, which started attracting top nationally ranked recruits.   Steve Spurrier has made vital changes to bring Carolina into the national spotlight as a top ten football program, but only one thing remains and trust me he wants it.

By: Marlin Anderson


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