Fear the Thumb

Clowney sacking Boyd in the 2012 Palmetto Bowl.  Clowney broke a record by having the most sacks by a player in Death Valley with 4.5.
  In 2012 Clowney set the record for the most sacks by a single player in Death Valley with 4.5.                  (photo courtesy of postandcourier.com)

The Clemson/South Carolina is one of college football’s most heated rivalries.  It’s not because I’m biased by being a gamecock fan, but that I’ve vividly seen the strong animosity these fan bases display towards each other.  Heck there’s photos with fans giving profane hand gestures directly at cameras and players during games.  The on field brawl in 2004 that banned both teams from postseason play.  I have no problem admitting that Clemson’s football program has been far more achieving.  By winning a national championship and Dabo’s rant last year made it clear Clemson has won more bowl games than Carolina has ever been to.  It’s a fact that Clemson’s 24 game lead in this rivalry has accumulated over beating abysmal Carolina teams.  Off course they did what supposed to be done, but in the eyes of others in the college football world. Beating a under .500 team on a yearly basis doesn’t exactly raise eyebrows.  It’s sound much better bragging about dominating your rival when their actually a decent football team.  Over the past three seasons when Carolina started asserting themselves as a upper tier SEC team.  Clemson still believes they’re still superior then the gamecocks.  Clemson fans throughout this losing streak must use coping mechanisms by reverting to bringing up Carolina’s football history, 2003’s 63-17 victory and their much forgotten national title.  I must say it is pitiful that Carolina has won eight or more games in a season only twelve times in 100+ years.  Although it’s also funny in eleven of those seasons Carolina is 8-3 against the tigers.  Therefore Carolina keep those eleven win seasons coming.

#Fear the Thumb #Four in a Row #Jadeveon Clowney

By: Marlin Anderson

By: Marlin Anderson


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