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Lecrae watches as Andy Mineo spits at the Apple store in SOHO, NYC July 17, 2012.(photo courtesty of The Christian Post/Nicola Menzie)
Lecrae watches as Andy Mineo spits at the Apple store in SOHO, NYC July 17, 2012.
(photo courtesty of The Christian Post/Nicola Menzie)

Making music these days seems like everybody’s dream.  Everybody claims themselves to be recording artists.  Everybody wants to emulate their idols or predecessors that’s already found success.  Even though I plan on pursuing in this field of work, my goals are very different from many inspiring or established artist.  I’m not doing it for gratification, women, money or creditability.  I have a different perspective on life and it’s most definitely not pursuing happiness through the acceptance of others.  I do and will always from here on out respect others and care for their well-being.  Although I will not associate myself with people if it contradicts my moral laws of living a life emulating Jesus Christ.  Every song I write pertains to glorifying his name, but in a style you wouldn’t expect.  Many people including myself in the past found rap music glorying Christ lame.  I’ve been immersed in rap including secular my whole life and my standards on good music is high.  Now that I faithfully follow Christ I’ve quit listening to secular rap/hip hip artist because their lyrics no longer interest me.  It’s very dissatisfying and does not correlate with my beliefs.  I know they have lot of hard beats, but so do many non-secular artists.  So I gave non-secular artist another chance.  And what I’ve come to realize many are really talented.  Music is a craft and just because you’re a christian doesn’t mean I’m going to listen to your music.  Although these artists got my attention.  The best thing about it is they differentiate themselves lyrically and subjectively from everyone else to spread hope.  They’ve maximized their craft while being God led.  Now to be real if you have some free time get on Youtube, Spotify or another streaming music site.  Listen to what I feel are great albums because its worth the time.  If you’ll rather listen to music with truth rather than lies and deceptions check em out.  If you feel em buy them off iTunes or from the closest retailer nearby.  By the way what’s so great about listening to music with explicit lyrics anyway.

“If I die bury me in a jewelry store” – 2 Chainz ………..SMH

Artist (Album)

1. Lecrae (Gravity)

2. Lecrae (Chruch Clothes mixtape hosted by Don Cannon) click the link for free download  http://www.datpiff.com/Lecrae-Church-Clothes-mixtape.348497.html

3. Trip Lee (The Good Life)

4. Da T.R.U.T.H (Love, Hope, War)

5. Andy Mineo (Formely Known) New album “Heroes” releases April 16, 2013

6. 116 “Reach Records Artists” (Man up)                                                         http://reachrecords.com/artists

7. Tedashii (Backlight)

8. KB (Weight-&-Glory)

By: Marlin Anderson


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