Rapper Hospin Realizes there’s a Higher Power


Marcus Jamal Hopsin, better known as the rapper Hopsin talks about his spiritual beliefs in a interview with Hard Knock TV last fall.  Hopsin acknowledges his faith in God as being the creator of the universe.  He explains how sex, money and fame is worthless.  Before anybody wants to judge Hopsin look in the mirror at yourself.  Only God can justify this man’s heart.  But I can tell you that he understands there’s wisdom following God opposed to ignorance in following the world.  I’m not advising you to listen to Hopsin’s new tracks because his lyrics is still explicit.  Although the overall message has parallels with the Lord’s doctrine.  His music is not inspirational hip-hop/rap, but in the future it could make that transition.  Hopsin states as his relationship with God grows his sinful habits will eventually decimate.  As devout believers in Christ, we need to pray that Hopsin and many others who were called for God’s purpose.  That they receive with full hearts God’s instructions for their lives.  Also most importantly we need to keep doing that for ourselves.

“I’ve been working on my relationship with God and when you work on your relationship with God it gets to a point where you don’t want to walk down this sinful road anymore.” – Hopsin

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtP7cmGjHa0 Hopsin Interview (Warning for some Language)

-Remember only God knows this man’s heart therefore a person cannot judge.

By: Marlin Anderson


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