Rappers KB (left) and Andy Mineo (right) performing while on the Unashamed tour(Photo taken by David Holzemer)
Rappers KB (left) and Andy Mineo (right) performing last year while on the Unashamed Tour
(Photo copyrighted by David Holzemer)

I don’t call music from my favorite rap artists such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo and Dre Murray christian/gospel rap.  I just call it rap/hip-hop because lyrics defines the message.  Just because you’re a devout believer in Jesus Christ doesn’t mean you have say Jesus in every bar.  There’s nothing wrong with rapping about personal life’s struggles or moral issues.  Lyrics containing an in-depth contrary against immoral sex (premarital sex), illegal drugs and other flesh desiring addictions is what ears need to hear.  Off-course the lyrics should claim that Christ is Lord, but it should also take an thorough approach on real life issues.  Issues that eventually causes serious problems.  Problems such as divorce, STDs, drug addictions, suicide and depression.  I wrote a song recently, warning men about women who will simply trade sex for vanity.  They will do anything with anybody to obtain worldly treasures to fulfill their carnal desires.  I used to smoke marijuana consistently close to six years straight.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars on marijuana, but by God’s grace, I have no desire to use it again.   My lyrics contain my personal usage and struggles with marijuana.  The negative effects it brought on my body.  Many people don’t think about the previous lifestyles devout Christians lived before dedicating whole-heartily to Christ.  I accepted Christ when I was a young child, but still lived a disgraceful lifestyle in God’s eyes.  But I found my life was to depressing by using marijuana, alcohol and sexual sin to cope.  I knew the only way to find peace, joy and righteousness was through Jesus Christ.  That’s why this music means so much to me.  These artists talk about the struggles they had with sin, but explains how God’s supernatural power broke every addiction.  My lyrics go in-depth with my addictions.  I knew that life wasn’t the one I was meant to live.  I felt too much conviction.  Authentic music should be personal and truthful.  Which is why I enjoy listening to artist who talks about real issues, but declares Jesus Christ is King.  I can’t listen to secular music in which they glorify themselves, cars, money, drugs or how many tricks (Harlots) they sex up.  I need music that brings joy to my soul.  All this other music from mainstream artists is lyrical contamination.

“I’m what happens when hip-hop embraces morality and non-legalistic Christianity,” – Lecrae

By: Marlin Anderson


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