Reaction to “Everything Must Go”

I really enjoyed watching this video documentary on Andy Mineo.  It gave some insight on the difficulty of recording an album while working on tour.  This career field is definitely only fit out for certain people.  Although Andy Mineo’s mission is different from mainstream artists.  Mineo clearly states on film through prayer about reinforcing the purpose behind his profession.  Before every show he prays to God for humility and wisdom.  Mineo’s music reflects the likeness of Jesus Christ and how he’s a righteous only through faith.  Therefore while on stage his goal is to ensure Christ is celebrated and not himself.  Another compelling piece was Mineo getting blown out by his tour manager.  The 2012 Unashamed Tour which included artist such as Tedashii, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Propaganda, KB and Thi’sl is ministry, but also a business.  Artists performing on the tour had set obligations they must meet in order to maintain efficiency.  Well Andy made a mistake and was late for several of those obligations.  In result, the tour manager addressed the situation in a very stern manner.  Lets remember these artists are regular people therefore also make mistakes.  Lastly, It’s a great documentary and cool that Mineo shared his musical journey.  Check it out.


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