Morals Over Norms “Faith Pride”

We are living in a society that thrives off carnal desires.  Everyone acts on their desires because that’s the societal norm.  I was one of those people that couldn’t control my sensual urges.  If I saw an attractive girl my mind would instantly trigger to sexual imaginations aka lust.  Lust is all fun in games until you see your friend scoping out your maturing little brother or sister.  When it gets to that point then you would find it immoral.  Although if it was the hottest chick on campus you would care less.  Also some people claim to be fine with same sex relationships/marriages until it’s their family member whose gay.  Well I’m a man that believes that supernatural divine power can purify any person.  Amazing grace is not just a song, but a gift from God.  Our society is corrupted by lust with people lacking self-control and discipline.  I’ve decided I refuse to be a slave to my flesh and succumb to sensual desires.  Only by God’s grace I’m able to live a life of purity.  Now with all that said I will not turn away from my morals.  My morals in believing in the Lord’s doctrine through Jesus Christ.  The views of my faith will not alter because everyone else is following societal norms.  I will not sit here and believe homosexuality is part of today’s culture.  God made our bodies specifically that if male and female mate another life can be created.  Certain body parts were only meant for one purpose.  A lot of people are going to disagree, but that’s fine because my morals are not changing.  A real person doesn’t let societal norms alter their morals or beliefs.  I’m here to please God by following his commands through faithfully believing in his word.  God doesn’t weight sin differently.  Either if it’s stealing a bag of skittles or money God sees it the same.  Also with premarital sex, adultery and homosexuality are all things God finds blasphemous equally.  Now God is the maker of this universe, but earth is ruled by Satan.  Only by trusting and believing Jesus can you live in sanctification and true peace.  Don’t let the words of people contradict what you want to believe.  Can you honestly say that your completely certain that there is no God.  That Jesus Christ is not real and know after dying you will call heaven home.  Or that there is no afterlife period.  I know in faith there are two places to spend eternity.  One is perfect paradise and the other is anyone’s worst horrific nightmare.  All I got to say is that you better be certain with your beliefs because there are no second chances.


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