Fear the Thumb: Part 2

I said in a post months ago that Clemson fans go to history for dealing with losing to South Carolina.  The “Bombs” poster below is what some Clemson fans have resorted to as a coping mechanism.  Bragging about wins in the late 1800s and early 1900s is just laughable.  Like I said before 95% of those wins are against terrible Gamecock teams. All this poster means is that you beat a team five other teams have already beaten.  Well I made a little poster explaining Carolina’s current win streak against the Tigers.  Pointing out Carolina has smashed a Clemson team crowned ACC Champions.  Beat a Clemson team with a 10-1 record at Death Valley.  Also beat a Clemson team that were Atlantic divisional champions.  These are facts that just make this streak so much better.  Gamecock fans enjoy it because they deserve it.



*Rankings prior to Carolina/Clemson game

The most infamous “Bombs” poster.  I blocked out the explicit hand gestures with SC logos because I keep it classy.  They’re also the same logo on hats South Carolina’s Gamecock baseball team wore while winning back-to-back National Championships.  Also the same logo worn while kicking Clemson out of the CWS in 2010 to eventually win it all. OUCH!!!!!!!!!


Fear the Thumb Part I: https://marlinavery.com/2013/02/07/fear-the-thumb/


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