So What!! I’m a Christian and I Listen to Secular Music

Rapper “Drake” in concert

After solidifying myself to living my life morally based through the Gospel, I needed to keep myself strong on pursuing a divine life. One main thing I needed personally to help was music. I’ve grown up listening to all genres of music. In the past I found motivation through music because it gave me new-found emotion. Music in my opinion has a way of being scene setters for whatever environment we’re in. One thing I found hard to do was giving up secular music. Once I realized that the content in majority of these songs were contradictory with my morals I backed off.   Now maturing I realize there are many artists that make great music artistically with compelling lyrics. There are many secular artists who speak upon real issues whether it’s personal, political or morally based. The messages in many songs are subjects I can relate to. Maturing I understand it’s fine for me to appreciate great creative talent. The other day I listen to Drake’s track “Fireworks” of his debut “Thank Me Later” album. This particular song is about how fame altered his relationship and viewpoints on different aspects of his personal life. Anytime I listen to secular music containing profanity I listen to it edited (if needed because not all secular music contains profanity) because I personally refrain from that way of speaking.  Now I don’t listen to Drake or other similar artists constantly, but sometimes I do because I appreciate solidly composed music. To be clear I’m not advocating anyone to listen to secular music because if you feel it will distort who you are as a believer. Stay away from it. Me personally as a Christian I thought it was wrong to listen to it period, but as I matured my perspective changed. I surrounded myself in very worldly environments growing up. Therefore myself listening to a selection of different artists doesn’t inhibit my confidence with my God relationship. Certain things I see or hear are received differently from anyone else because I’ am unlike anyone else. I’m built different mentally and spiritually because of my past life experiences. For believers who may think this is wrong take in these following questions. Do TV shows and movies with more or less cussing and sexual innuendos inhibit your faith? Does profane language you hear or see out in public or workplace inhibit your faith? If it does maybe it’s not a problem with the external factors, but from within yourself.


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