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So What!! I’m a Christian and I Listen to Secular Music

Rapper “Drake” in concert

After solidifying myself to living my life morally based through the Gospel, I needed to keep myself strong on pursuing a divine life. One main thing I needed personally to help was music. I’ve grown up listening to all genres of music. In the past I found motivation through music because it gave me new-found emotion. Music in my opinion has a way of being scene setters for whatever environment we’re in. One thing I found hard to do was giving up secular music. Once I realized that the content in majority of these songs were contradictory with my morals I backed off.   Now maturing I realize there are many artists that make great music artistically with compelling lyrics. There are many secular artists who speak upon real issues whether it’s personal, political or morally based. The messages in many songs are subjects I can relate to. Maturing I understand it’s fine for me to appreciate great creative talent. The other day I listen to Drake’s track “Fireworks” of his debut “Thank Me Later” album. This particular song is about how fame altered his relationship and viewpoints on different aspects of his personal life. Anytime I listen to secular music containing profanity I listen to it edited (if needed because not all secular music contains profanity) because I personally refrain from that way of speaking.  Now I don’t listen to Drake or other similar artists constantly, but sometimes I do because I appreciate solidly composed music. To be clear I’m not advocating anyone to listen to secular music because if you feel it will distort who you are as a believer. Stay away from it. Me personally as a Christian I thought it was wrong to listen to it period, but as I matured my perspective changed. I surrounded myself in very worldly environments growing up. Therefore myself listening to a selection of different artists doesn’t inhibit my confidence with my God relationship. Certain things I see or hear are received differently from anyone else because I’ am unlike anyone else. I’m built different mentally and spiritually because of my past life experiences. For believers who may think this is wrong take in these following questions. Do TV shows and movies with more or less cussing and sexual innuendos inhibit your faith? Does profane language you hear or see out in public or workplace inhibit your faith? If it does maybe it’s not a problem with the external factors, but from within yourself.

Former Gamecock Star Booed at Concert

Last night former South Carolina Gamecock quarterback Connor Shaw attended Winter Jam in Greenville, SC at Bon Secours Wellness Arena.  State natives know that the majority of people living in the upstate are Clemson Tiger fans.  This would give the perfect explanation of why Shaw was booed while being introduced as a guest during the Christian based concert.  Now just because it’s a Christian based concert doesn’t mean it’s Saintsville, but means there are obviously many believers in attendance.  For the record this is not a post to criticize Clemson fans because whose not to say if it was former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd in Columbia it wouldn’t produce the same result.  I’m here to say that God’s team is way bigger than any sports rivalry or event on this planet.  Last summer I found it heartwarming that Clemson Tiger head football coach Dabo Swinney brought his entire coaching staff and team to Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville.  In result many players gave their lives to Christ.  For those who are believers remember football and any other sport is just a game.  So grow up, stop being salty and remember nothing comes close to the magnitude of being on God’s team.  Lastly, I don’t think it bothered Shaw too much.  I think he’s used to being in front of thousands of people booing him.

Connor Shaw (far left) during Winter Jam with visual artist Jared Emerson and recording artist Lecrae (source from Connor Shaw's Instagram)
Connor Shaw (far left) during Winter Jam with visual artist Jared Emerson (middle) and recording artist Lecrae (source from Connor Shaw’s Instagram)

For The Kids Of The 90s And Early 2000s

To kids born in the mid to late 80s and early 90s will get flashbacks from what’s below.  This is the closest thing you will get to time travel.

The Disney Channel Original Movies:

They’re all very easy to forget but very easy to remember.  A new one each month and a lot of them were actually good movies on the real.


We Knew Who Shia Was Before Transformers: #EvenStevens




From 8 to 10 on Friday nights couldn’t get any better than this.



For those who didn’t get cable no worries.  How could we ever forget Urkel, Cory and Topanga.




You Should Be Able To Name Every Person On This Show


This Crazy Song – I’m Blue – Eiffel 65

You Remember Ja Rule Coming In The Game Hard


And Shaggy


You Remember Playing These Games on 64


Skating Rinks Were The Place To Be On Weekends


You Had At Least One Pair of LA Gears


You Probably Had At Least One Of These

Nintendo Gameboy Gameboy_PocketSONY DSC

You Played Oregon Trail In School



You’ve Used Netscape


And A Couple Of Years Later AOL Instant Messenger

big_24_AOL Instant Messenger (SM) 4.1-main-window

You Remember Using These #TapeRecordYourFavSongs #NoMP3s



You Saw These Movies In Theatres



You Use To Love The Mighty Ducks


And The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



Beanie Babies


Reading Goosebumps


Giga Pets

giga pet

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie


Fruit Stripe Gum




And Fruitopia


You Had This Around Your TV


You Listened to Slim Shady And Thought You Were Cool While Doing It


Remember Eminem’s Daughter Hailie


Dial-Up Internet


The Super Soakers


Can You Make Your YO-YO Go To Sleep


Portable CD Players “The Discman”

I literally used this exact same one


Playing Sega Dreamcast


HE’S ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!


Blow!!! Shake!!! Blow!!!


“Lamb Chop” The Song That Never Ends


It’s On Like Donkey Kong


Legends Of The Hidden Temple


Trapper Keepers Was That Gas


We Did The Macarena When It First Came Out

Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games

Chucky Was Scary


And Hook Was Less Scary


The Sagas


The Coca-Cola Polar Bears Added Something Extra To The Christmas Spirit


Kanye West is a Christian?

I’m not going to write an extensive post on this because there’s no need to.  Recently, Kanye West while interviewing on the Kris Jenner Show opened up about his faith.  West went into depth explaining how he wants to raise his newborn daughter North West with Christian values.  It’s obvious that many people would simply hate and criticize him for this and others believing that God is working on something.  There are also many that believe this is just another publicity stunt and a front.  Me personally just prays that God’s divine work will be done in this man.  It’s time for Christians to be more Christ-like to start changing the perception of how society sees us as judgmental beings.  Also note that you must be vigilant and sober as Christians to seek out wolves in sheep’s clothing.  This meaning remember to look out for false prophets who claim Christ, but truly advocates the adversary.  You should always want to pray for others, but remember to abide by the Lord’s teachings.

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour

Matthew 7:15 – Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

(starts at 27:30)

Be Sober and be Vigilant – 1 Peter 5:8
Beware of False Prophets – Matthew 7:15

Morals Over Norms “Faith Pride”

We are living in a society that thrives off carnal desires.  Everyone acts on their desires because that’s the societal norm.  I was one of those people that couldn’t control my sensual urges.  If I saw an attractive girl my mind would instantly trigger to sexual imaginations aka lust.  Lust is all fun in games until you see your friend scoping out your maturing little brother or sister.  When it gets to that point then you would find it immoral.  Although if it was the hottest chick on campus you would care less.  Also some people claim to be fine with same sex relationships/marriages until it’s their family member whose gay.  Well I’m a man that believes that supernatural divine power can purify any person.  Amazing grace is not just a song, but a gift from God.  Our society is corrupted by lust with people lacking self-control and discipline.  I’ve decided I refuse to be a slave to my flesh and succumb to sensual desires.  Only by God’s grace I’m able to live a life of purity.  Now with all that said I will not turn away from my morals.  My morals in believing in the Lord’s doctrine through Jesus Christ.  The views of my faith will not alter because everyone else is following societal norms.  I will not sit here and believe homosexuality is part of today’s culture.  God made our bodies specifically that if male and female mate another life can be created.  Certain body parts were only meant for one purpose.  A lot of people are going to disagree, but that’s fine because my morals are not changing.  A real person doesn’t let societal norms alter their morals or beliefs.  I’m here to please God by following his commands through faithfully believing in his word.  God doesn’t weight sin differently.  Either if it’s stealing a bag of skittles or money God sees it the same.  Also with premarital sex, adultery and homosexuality are all things God finds blasphemous equally.  Now God is the maker of this universe, but earth is ruled by Satan.  Only by trusting and believing Jesus can you live in sanctification and true peace.  Don’t let the words of people contradict what you want to believe.  Can you honestly say that your completely certain that there is no God.  That Jesus Christ is not real and know after dying you will call heaven home.  Or that there is no afterlife period.  I know in faith there are two places to spend eternity.  One is perfect paradise and the other is anyone’s worst horrific nightmare.  All I got to say is that you better be certain with your beliefs because there are no second chances.

Recovery > Relapse

Photo taken by Marlin Anderson “Sky is the limit”

I don’t have to time for foolishness.  I’m on a mission to tithe a million.  I have many things I’m striving to accomplish in this good life.  I must continue to stay focused on executing the plan my Lord has laid out for me.  I’ve wasted years of my life on worldly pleasures, but it’s all good.  I will be prosperous by following God’s commands.  The addictions I struggled with were gone instantly after I re-declared in faith that Jesus Christ is Lord.  Ever since that day I’ve been writing lyrics.  Lyrics at a level many of you-all wouldn’t expect especially if you know me personally.  It can only be God because I would’ve never thought I’d be pursuing music.  It’s only by the grace of God I’m still alive today.  There’s been many situations when I’ve been in harms way, but somehow I’m still here.  When I was outside God’s will it was like living in constant paranoia.  My mind was being terrorized every night.  I’ve never came close to being suicidal, but I definitely had thoughts everyday that death was near.  Now, lets be honest death can come at any moment for anyone.  Life is not guaranteed, which is why I wake up every morning thanking God for another day.  Thanking him for his grace, love and mercy over my soul.  I was marked to live a life of righteousness.  Drinking, cussing, smoking and bondage to sexual sin was not in my nature.  I wasn’t meant to take part in that empty lifestyle.  I forsake my King Jesus Christ and loss his holy spirit.  Therefore my soul was consumed by the seven deadly spirits (lust, greed, anger, slothfulness, pride, envy, gluttony).  I was slave to my own flesh with an idle-mind.  But by the grace of God I’ve been completely changed in every way.  I don’t care about other people’s perception towards me for I’m destined for greatness.  My life is a blessing from God and I will serve Jesus until my last day on earth.  With all that said if you see vast success come my way in the future.  You will surely know it was given to me from my King.

– God loves every soul in this world and if your searching for hope ask Jesus to show himself to you.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”   – Matthew 7:7

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son (Jesus), that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

– Christ is real please don’t let death be your validation

By: Marlin Anderson

Spiritual Fed Music

Lecrae watches as Andy Mineo spits at the Apple store in SOHO, NYC July 17, 2012.(photo courtesty of The Christian Post/Nicola Menzie)
Lecrae watches as Andy Mineo spits at the Apple store in SOHO, NYC July 17, 2012.
(photo courtesty of The Christian Post/Nicola Menzie)

Making music these days seems like everybody’s dream.  Everybody claims themselves to be recording artists.  Everybody wants to emulate their idols or predecessors that’s already found success.  Even though I plan on pursuing in this field of work, my goals are very different from many inspiring or established artist.  I’m not doing it for gratification, women, money or creditability.  I have a different perspective on life and it’s most definitely not pursuing happiness through the acceptance of others.  I do and will always from here on out respect others and care for their well-being.  Although I will not associate myself with people if it contradicts my moral laws of living a life emulating Jesus Christ.  Every song I write pertains to glorifying his name, but in a style you wouldn’t expect.  Many people including myself in the past found rap music glorying Christ lame.  I’ve been immersed in rap including secular my whole life and my standards on good music is high.  Now that I faithfully follow Christ I’ve quit listening to secular rap/hip hip artist because their lyrics no longer interest me.  It’s very dissatisfying and does not correlate with my beliefs.  I know they have lot of hard beats, but so do many non-secular artists.  So I gave non-secular artist another chance.  And what I’ve come to realize many are really talented.  Music is a craft and just because you’re a christian doesn’t mean I’m going to listen to your music.  Although these artists got my attention.  The best thing about it is they differentiate themselves lyrically and subjectively from everyone else to spread hope.  They’ve maximized their craft while being God led.  Now to be real if you have some free time get on Youtube, Spotify or another streaming music site.  Listen to what I feel are great albums because its worth the time.  If you’ll rather listen to music with truth rather than lies and deceptions check em out.  If you feel em buy them off iTunes or from the closest retailer nearby.  By the way what’s so great about listening to music with explicit lyrics anyway.

“If I die bury me in a jewelry store” – 2 Chainz ………..SMH

Artist (Album)

1. Lecrae (Gravity)

2. Lecrae (Chruch Clothes mixtape hosted by Don Cannon) click the link for free download

3. Trip Lee (The Good Life)

4. Da T.R.U.T.H (Love, Hope, War)

5. Andy Mineo (Formely Known) New album “Heroes” releases April 16, 2013

6. 116 “Reach Records Artists” (Man up)                                               

7. Tedashii (Backlight)

8. KB (Weight-&-Glory)

By: Marlin Anderson