Five College Stadium Traditions That Will Gives You Chills

I’m aware there are a lot of great college football stadium atmospheres around the nation.  Although these in stadium experiences (listed in no particular order) gave me chills like no other.  All traditions are fairly new excluding of course Florida State’s.

Wisconsin Badgers “Jump Around” Camp Randall Stadium 

start at 41 seconds

South Carolina Gamecocks “Sandstorm” Williams Brice Stadium

start at 40 seconds [Warning] video is very loud so start at a lower volume

Florida State Seminoles “Tomahawk Chop (War Chant)” Doak Campbell Stadium

Michigan Wolverines “SevenNationArmy” Michigan Stadium

Virginia Tech Hokies “Enter Sandman” Lane Stadium 




Former Gamecock Star Booed at Concert

Last night former South Carolina Gamecock quarterback Connor Shaw attended Winter Jam in Greenville, SC at Bon Secours Wellness Arena.  State natives know that the majority of people living in the upstate are Clemson Tiger fans.  This would give the perfect explanation of why Shaw was booed while being introduced as a guest during the Christian based concert.  Now just because it’s a Christian based concert doesn’t mean it’s Saintsville, but means there are obviously many believers in attendance.  For the record this is not a post to criticize Clemson fans because whose not to say if it was former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd in Columbia it wouldn’t produce the same result.  I’m here to say that God’s team is way bigger than any sports rivalry or event on this planet.  Last summer I found it heartwarming that Clemson Tiger head football coach Dabo Swinney brought his entire coaching staff and team to Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville.  In result many players gave their lives to Christ.  For those who are believers remember football and any other sport is just a game.  So grow up, stop being salty and remember nothing comes close to the magnitude of being on God’s team.  Lastly, I don’t think it bothered Shaw too much.  I think he’s used to being in front of thousands of people booing him.

Connor Shaw (far left) during Winter Jam with visual artist Jared Emerson and recording artist Lecrae (source from Connor Shaw's Instagram)
Connor Shaw (far left) during Winter Jam with visual artist Jared Emerson (middle) and recording artist Lecrae (source from Connor Shaw’s Instagram)

160K for a football game at Bristol Motor Speedway

Video Link – Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

The 2016 match up between Tennessee and Virginia Tech is set to be played at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, TN.

at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee on August 27, 2011.



GAMECOCOLOGY VOL. l is the first of a series presenting vintage to recent South Carolina Gamecock football highlight footage.  This video has highlight sequences transitioning from the Clemson/Carolina games in 1987 to 2011.  Enjoy watching volume one.

Fear the Thumb: Part 2

I said in a post months ago that Clemson fans go to history for dealing with losing to South Carolina.  The “Bombs” poster below is what some Clemson fans have resorted to as a coping mechanism.  Bragging about wins in the late 1800s and early 1900s is just laughable.  Like I said before 95% of those wins are against terrible Gamecock teams. All this poster means is that you beat a team five other teams have already beaten.  Well I made a little poster explaining Carolina’s current win streak against the Tigers.  Pointing out Carolina has smashed a Clemson team crowned ACC Champions.  Beat a Clemson team with a 10-1 record at Death Valley.  Also beat a Clemson team that were Atlantic divisional champions.  These are facts that just make this streak so much better.  Gamecock fans enjoy it because they deserve it.



*Rankings prior to Carolina/Clemson game

The most infamous “Bombs” poster.  I blocked out the explicit hand gestures with SC logos because I keep it classy.  They’re also the same logo on hats South Carolina’s Gamecock baseball team wore while winning back-to-back National Championships.  Also the same logo worn while kicking Clemson out of the CWS in 2010 to eventually win it all. OUCH!!!!!!!!!


Fear the Thumb Part I:

The SEC vs. FBS Non-Conference Schools

UNC QB Bryn Renner threw for 3356 yards 28 TD with only 7 Int.(photo courtesy of Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE)
UNC QB Bryn Renner threw for 3356 yards 28 TD with only 7 Int last season.
(photo courtesy of Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE)

South Carolina’s FBS non-conference opponents North Carolina, Central Florida and off course Clemson had a combined record of 29-10 in 2012. Which adds up to be the SEC’s toughest non-conference schedule according to opponents combined win/loss record from last season.  Looking slightly into those three games.  Central is a tricky match up and should be a win, but South Carolina is going to have to be focused playing at Bright House Stadium in Orlando.  Also this would be a great road trip game to attend if you need a vacation.  North Carolina and Clemson are both at Williams Brice Stadium, what has been proven to be one of the toughest places to win in recent seasons.  Although North Carolina and Clemson could very well meet up in the ACC championship next season.  Replacing ECU with UNC and UAB with UCF really beefed up the schedule.  Tennessee (73%) and Florida (72%) FBS non-conference foes winning percentage comes in 2nd and 3rd.  Tennessee probably has the toughest non-conference game of all against @ Oregon…..good luck with that one Butch Davis.  Florida also has tough games vs. Florida State and @ Miami.  Alabama plays in the season opener vs Virginia Tech (Georgia Dome) and a putrid Colorado State team at home.


Other notable games:  8/31 Georgia @ Clemson, 8/31 LSU vs TCU (Cowboys Stadium, Dallas TX), 8/31 Mississippi State vs Oklahoma State (Reliant Stadium, Houston TX), 9/14 Ole Miss @ Texas, 9/21 Arkansas @ Rutgers

By: Marlin Anderson


Fear the Thumb

Clowney sacking Boyd in the 2012 Palmetto Bowl.  Clowney broke a record by having the most sacks by a player in Death Valley with 4.5.
  In 2012 Clowney set the record for the most sacks by a single player in Death Valley with 4.5.                  (photo courtesy of

The Clemson/South Carolina is one of college football’s most heated rivalries.  It’s not because I’m biased by being a gamecock fan, but that I’ve vividly seen the strong animosity these fan bases display towards each other.  Heck there’s photos with fans giving profane hand gestures directly at cameras and players during games.  The on field brawl in 2004 that banned both teams from postseason play.  I have no problem admitting that Clemson’s football program has been far more achieving.  By winning a national championship and Dabo’s rant last year made it clear Clemson has won more bowl games than Carolina has ever been to.  It’s a fact that Clemson’s 24 game lead in this rivalry has accumulated over beating abysmal Carolina teams.  Off course they did what supposed to be done, but in the eyes of others in the college football world. Beating a under .500 team on a yearly basis doesn’t exactly raise eyebrows.  It’s sound much better bragging about dominating your rival when their actually a decent football team.  Over the past three seasons when Carolina started asserting themselves as a upper tier SEC team.  Clemson still believes they’re still superior then the gamecocks.  Clemson fans throughout this losing streak must use coping mechanisms by reverting to bringing up Carolina’s football history, 2003’s 63-17 victory and their much forgotten national title.  I must say it is pitiful that Carolina has won eight or more games in a season only twelve times in 100+ years.  Although it’s also funny in eleven of those seasons Carolina is 8-3 against the tigers.  Therefore Carolina keep those eleven win seasons coming.

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By: Marlin Anderson

By: Marlin Anderson